Stable Income Fund

The Wentworth Williamson Stable Income Fund (“WWSIF”) is focused on capital preservation and generating stable income to our investors over time.



WWSIF gives investors access to proprietary products through our association with Monash Private Capital ("MPC"), their portfolio companies and broad networks.

WWSIF is designed to protect investors' capital while providing a consistent, steady quarterly distribution through the economic cycle.

In the current economic environment the growth of the fund will be moderated and largely determined by the availability of good quality unlisted debt securities available to us.


Investment Highlights

Pragmatic Portfolio Allocation
While a diversified exposure to high quality fixed income investments should generate both an attractive yield and capital protection, the Fund will also seek to take advantage of compelling opportunities when the prices of other asset classes fall or have fallen significantly during a deteriorating macroeconomic backdrop and/or a rising interest rate cycle

Access to Proprietary Investments
Through Wentworth Williamson’s association with Monash Private Capital and its broad networks, we have access to proprietary investments, including bespoke business lending opportunities to borrowers with a history of low credit losses

Low Risk of Capital Loss
One of the lessons of the GFC was that ostensibly safe, income producing sectors (such as A-REITs, listed infrastructure and financials) can experience material capital losses during periods of crises, which can take years to recover. In our opinion, a number of popular “Income Funds” today are invested in securities that have “ridden the market” and may be vulnerable to capital losses during an economic downturn. Our strict focus on downside protection means we will cherry-pick only the most attractive opportunities supported by a long history of low credit losses and stable performance during previous market downturns 


Our investment philosophy is centered on capital preservation and stable income for our investors with minimal volatility. We aim to deliver the target income profile consistently over time


Proprietary Product


MAIA Financial (“MAIA”): an established capital solutions provider that has financed over $5bn of assets across multiple industries and government entities during its 25 year operating history. MAIA primarily funds business critical plant and equipment to clients with discernable trading history and creditworthiness


A fixed income opportunity underpinned by a pool of loans made to medical professionals with an attractive risk-adjusted return