The Fund

Offering investors exposure to a unique portfolio of undervalued Australian shares, specialising in small, unusual opportunities that many investors miss.



The Wentworth Williamson Fund was founded with the aim of delivering strong returns by investing in Australian listed companies with a contrarian investment style. We resist crowd psychologies, regularly finding fertile ground for new investments in unpopular sectors and unloved companies.

We believe that a carefully constructed portfolio of between 10 and 25 well-understood investments trading below their intrinsic value gives The Fund the greatest opportunity of outperforming the market over the long term. Furthermore, this level of concentration allows each investment to have a meaningful impact on The Fund’s performance once the market recognises its true value.

Our investment philosophy is not benchmark cognisant and our portfolios would normally vary materially from the benchmark World Index. The Fund’s returns are therefore likely to deviate from those of the benchmark. Investors are reminded that given the long-term, contrarian, valuation-based investment philosophy, there will be times when the Fund will materially underperform its benchmark in the short-term in order to achieve its objective of long-term outperformance.


Our investing approach means the Australian Fund is unique in a number of ways:

By using a concentrated, selective, flexible approach we have been able to deliver superior long-term returns.

Due to our concentrated, value driven approach the returns we deliver are unlikely to be correlated with any particular index, benchmark or asset class in the short-term.

We aim to maximise the Fund’s expected return without taking needless risks. Avoiding the risk of permanent capital loss is paramount.

The Fund has the ability to invest in any ASX and NZX listed stock and cash as we deem appropriate. This allows us to be patient, nimble and seek value wherever it arises.

The investment mix within the portfolio can change significantly and sometimes quickly. Ask your adviser or contact us for the latest investment mix and the size of the Australian Fund.

Fund Performance Chart

The graph assumes that all distributions received are reinvested into the fund

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Returns (%) Wentworth Williamson Fund S&P / ASX 300 Accumulation Index
Since Inception 49.11% 64.09%
2014 10.28% 4.67%
2015 11.30% 12.05%
2016 15.20% 11.79%
2017 6.64% 11.94%
2018 -21.98% -3.06%
2019 YTD 17.22% 22.90%

Fees: All returns are net of fees of 1.25% management and 20% performance fee subject to a high water mark of RBA Cash rate + 2.5%


We Think Differently

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